Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Mike Gilson
I welcome the news that there is a new editor at the helm of The Argus newspaper in Brighton.

Out goes Michael Beard and in comes Mike Gilson.

A former editor of the Belfast Telegraph for 5 years, Mike Gilson is currently Northern Ireland’s Journalist of the Year, while the Belfast Telegraph has been named Northern Irish Newspaper of the year (in four out of the past five years.)

Well on this way to breaking the record for holding the most daily editorships. The Argus will be his fifth.

  • He edited the Bel Tel for five years
  • Edited The Scotsman (two-and-a-half years)
  • The News in Portsmouth (six years)
  • The Peterborough Telegraph (four years).

Mr Gilson said: “I am tremendously excited about taking on the opportunity in Brighton. It is a fantastically dynamic place and the newspaper and digital platforms under me will reflect that.”

Breaking away from the cosy relationship with Brighton’s great and good; Mike Gilson is setting out his stall that The Argus will return to good old honest journalism of which the readers of Brighton have come to expect.

“We will be challenging when we need to be and supportive at other times. We will be at the centre of debate and, at the core of everything, our journalism will be vital and trustworthy.”

Promising us a newspaper Michael Beard was never able to produce, Mike Gilson sets out in no uncertain terms that he is here to stay and ready to make an impact.

“I have a track record at producing compelling newspapers and websites. This will continue.”

We can only trust in his determination and brave words and only time will see whether Mike Gilson goes to places his predecessor feared to thread.

Take for example The Murder House.

For the first time ever, The Argus newspaper has made the connection between The Murder House on South coast Road, Peacehaven and the unsolved murder of 19 year old mother, Katrina Taylor in 1996.

With no follow up on the “Prospective MP angry over arrest,’ story yet forthcoming; I can only appeal to The Argus’s new editor Mike Gilson, to carry on where his rhetoric ends and give us the opportunity of a follow up story, informing the public that we are innocent of attacking two thugs who attacked us at our election campaign office and that Sussex Police have got serious questions to answer.

Why was a vulnerable old aged pensioner arrested and imprisoned for 12 hours for calling the police for emergency help?


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